Waiting for the Chance - Marie Cole

Chapter 1

I glanced around the crowded apartment nervously. Over the summer I'd lost forty of the last seventy-five extra pounds I’d been carrying around with me for most of my adolescent life. I had yet to show anyone, save for my grandmother, whom I’d spent the summer with.

Before leaving the dorm I'd made sure my new dark wash boot-cut jeans hugged my curves tightly and that the black corset did it’s job in making my boobs, smaller than average, look hot. But halfway to the party my palms started to sweat. I still wasn’t used to having this tiny body. And I wasn’t ready for the amount of questions I was going to receive, especially from my skinny acquaintances who were going to want to know my secret, even though they didn’t need to know. And it wasn’t a secret at all.

Maybe this was a mistake. Maybe I shouldn’t be showing off just yet. They’d all see me when I returned to classes in a few days and I wasn’t really ready to face Kent and Jen. Jen especially. She was going to rub it in my face that she was still with him and I wasn’t.

I was about to turn around when a car passed by and honked at me. I braced myself for the usual insult to follow but instead the college guy yelled, “Hey baby!” It was the confidence boost I needed to keep going.

Three steps in I was assaulted with greetings and compliments. I smiled politely and accepted them but I was searching for a certain someone.

I scoped the room, looking for my best friend, wondering how Kent would react now that his long time BFF was not fat or just average but finally super hot. He probably wouldn't even notice but I was eager to find out just the same.

I caught sight of him as he switched back and forth on his feet, chatting amongst a group of guys. I couldn’t help the smile that broke out on my face at the sight of him. It looked like all the working out he'd been doing was treating him rather well, the blue and white plaid button down he was wearing stretched across his wide chest and larger than average biceps.

It also appeared he'd had surgery or perhaps he was wearing contacts because those thick glasses that I’d loved so much weren't present. I wouldn’t have recognized him if it hadn’t been for his uncomfortable expression as he stood amongst the sea of people. I knew that I'd get over his way eventually and didn't rush it. I didn’t want to seem over eager to see him. I had to play it cool. That’s what hot girls did, wasn’t it?

I kept glancing in his direction though, to make sure I didn't lose him, and to see what his face was going to give away the moment he caught sight of my new and improved body.

Kent wasn't looking around much, but one of the guys he was talking to actually pointed at me. Kent followed the guy's finger towards me. He stared at me for a long moment as if trying to solve the puzzle that was the smokin’ hot me. He blinked a few times and I swear I saw his lips mutter, "Holy shit…" before his lips broke into a warm smile. The guy who had pointed me out elbowed Kent and nodded with his head in my direction. Kent nodded, went to push up the glasses that weren't on his face and ran his hand through his hair instead.

Smooth. I grinned before looking back to my freshman roommate who was chatting with me about her summer spent in Venice. I was a little jealous hearing about how gorgeous it was but also a little distracted. I was replaying Kent's reaction in my head over and over. Maybe junior year would be my year. Maybe I would finally have the guts to tell him how I felt, how I'd been feeling since middle school. And maybe, just maybe he’d finally see me as a girl, and not just as a plain person.

There had been very little alone time between Kent and I for four years, ever since we’d met Jen, who stopped Kent just before he reached me. She intertwined her fingers with his. I hadn't seen them all summer but there was definitely not a lack of PDA between them.

He gazed lovingly at Jen and offered her a smile. Kent must have been talking about