Shadow Agents #7 - Evidence of Passion - Cynthia Eden

Cynthia Eden - Shadow Agents #7 - Evidence of Passion

Evidence of Passion (Shadow Agents #7)
Cynthia Eden



“You should’ve walked away and dropped the charges. Hell, you should’ve just given the case to someone else to prosecute. To anyone else.” Sadness coated his words.

So did fury.

Rachel Mancini jerked against the ropes that held her. Terror clawed through her body. He’d tied her to the chair, secured her so completely.

After he’d drugged her.

The drugs were still in her system. They made her limbs feel sluggish, but the drugs did nothing to numb the terror coursing through her body.

“You should have listened!”

She blinked and found him right in front of her. Adam Wright. The man she’d been dating for the past three months. The man she’d fallen for so easily. He was charming. He was handsome.

He was also a killer.

His hand lifted and she tensed, expecting him to hit her. Instead, his fingers skimmed lightly over her cheek. It was a familiar caress. He’d touched her that way dozens of times. This time his touch seemed to burn her.

“I didn’t count on you, Rachel,” Adam said, his voice dropping to a low growl. “The kills are always so easy. I do the work. I get the cash.”

This couldn’t be happening to her. She and Adam were supposed to go away this weekend. Their first vacation as a couple.

She’d just finished prosecuting her latest case earlier that day. Rachel was a Marine Corps Judge Advocate, and she’d been working on the biggest case of her career. Private First Class Quincy Langam had been accused of murdering two senior officers. Rachel was sure the man was guilty, and she’d done everything possible to give justice to Langam’s victims.

Adam’s hand dropped away from her face. He pulled out the gun that had been holstered at his hip. “I was paid to kill you.”

Her hands twisted against the ropes. Her wrists were bleeding. The flesh had cut quickly against the thick, hemp rope. Rachel ignored the pain. Maybe the blood would help her to slip free of the binds. “I thought you cared about me.” All of those months. The flowers. The dates. The laughter and the talking that had gone late into the night. Everything had been a lie?

“I don’t care about anything.” His words were cold now, hollow. The emotion that had blazed in his voice and eyes just moments before was gone.

Adam lifted the gun and aimed it at her.

“Please!” The cry broke from Rachel. This was the man who’d kissed her? Who’d talked to her about a future, a new life? They were supposed to build a life together. “Don’t do this, Adam!”

“It’s your fault.” His jaw hardened. “You should’ve let someone else handle the case. I could’ve killed that prosecutor, and you’d be free.”

She latched on to what he’d said as she realized just who had sent Adam after her. “Quincy? Quincy Langam hired you?” Keep him talking. If Adam was talking, then he wasn’t shooting her.

He nodded and didn’t lower the gun. He also didn’t shoot her. “Quincy’s family has a lot of money. Money can hide so much.”

“Like the fact that Quincy is a cold-blooded killer?”

Adam smiled at her. “No, he’s not cold-blooded. He attacked in the heat of the moment. One of those passion kills. He found his girlfriend with another man, and he erupted. He killed them both. The fact that they were senior officers never mattered to him—it was all personal.” Adam gave a little shrug. “All passion, like I said.”

Was the rope starting to give around her left wrist? It was! And with another yank, Rachel thought she might be able to slip out of the rope that twisted around her right wrist, too.

“I’m the cold-blooded one,” he told her, “and I’m sorry, sweetheart, but you’re dead.”

No. No! Her wrists slipped free of the binds, and Rachel didn’t waste any more time begging for her life. She leaped out of that chair, attacking him with all her might.

They collided. Hit the floor. The gun slid from his fingers. She tried to lift her elbow and ram it into him—

But the drugs still had her muscles trembling and weak.

Adam caught her hand easily and he yanked her arm back down. He rolled them on the floor, locking her body beneath his. His green eyes gleamed down at her. “Such a fighter.” He yanked her hands above her head and pinned them to the floor. “Some don’t fight. They just sit there, crying, as they wait for me to kill