Reckless Temptations (Temptations #4) - Janine Infante Bosco


Don’t these bitches know who they’re fucking with and who the fuck I ride with? Pretty ballsy move taking me—or any of the Satan’s Knights for that matter. You would think after that shit went down with Jimmy Gold, people would realize we don’t fucking play around. My club will come for me and when they do these motherfuckers will get down on their knees and tell me they love me. They’ll beg my ass not to slit their throats—but I’ll do it anyway because I’m nobody’s bitch.

I heard a screech, like nails on a chalkboard, but that wasn’t it. I knew that sound, someone needed a can of WD-40 for that garage door. Stupid fucks couldn’t even spring for an electric door—that shit was still on a chain link.

Good, maybe these assholes will take the fucking bag off my head so I can spit in their faces and make them wish their mothers aborted their asses. Fuck that, I’d piss on them. Literally, these fucks took my cut, stripped me of all my clothes and tied my naked ass to a metal chair. I had to take a leak, and I was determined to take aim at one of these fuckers when the time was right.


Chinese, mumbo jumbo.


I would definitely piss on “Jackie fucking Chan.”

The bag was lifted from my head and someone pulled a chain switch on a lightbulb dangling above me, temporarily blinding me as they said a bunch of shit I didn’t understand.

These bastards ruined me. I used to love a good eggroll but after this shit, I’ll never look at another one.

They exchanged more of their shit language before Sun Wu dragged a chair across the concrete floor and sat in front of me.

“Mr. Riggs, we meet again,” Wu crooned, as he crossed a leg over his knee.

I wriggled my arms that were tied behind me, trying to free them so I could grab my dick and aim straight for his mouth, but it was no use.

“Fuck you, Wu,” I sneered, as one of the Red Dragons’ rammed his fist against the side of my face. I wasn’t expecting the blow and bit the inside of my cheek, tasting the metallic flavor of my own blood.

“I expected more from you, something more original than fuck you, since you and your club have already fucked me over,” he pointed out.

I turned my head, stared him in the eyes and swished the blood around in my mouth before spitting it at the kung fu warrior, which earned me another fist to my face.

“You have a sharp tongue Mr. Riggs,” Wu said, lifting his head to meet the eyes of one of his men.

“Why don’t we cut the bullshit,” I said, spitting more blood from my mouth. “You got a hard on for me or something?”

“A hard-on,” he scoffed, earning me a glare that could kill.

Fuck him.

“Explains why I’m naked as the fucking day I was born. You a faggot or something? I ain’t bending over for you, “Jackie Chan.” Ain’t no fucking way,” I growled.

“尊重,” shouted the first asshole who punched me.

“Yeah, whatever the fuck that means! You jerk offs haven’t realized I’m not fluent in your dick language,” I spat, losing my patience with this game of cat and mouse. I turned my eyes back to Wu, “Why the fuck am I here?”

“You will tell me where my drugs are and why I’m burying three of my men and a bunch of whores.” He held out his palm and one of his men handed him a leather whip.

What the fuck?

“Sounds like you bitches rang in the Chinese New Year early,” I said, eyeing the fucking whip. “What are you people into? Like it rough, do ya?”

Sun Wu uncrossed his legs and stood, slapping the whip against the palm of his hand and crouched down in front of me.

“Mr. Riggs, I’m giving you a chance to save yourself right now and tell me what happened to my drugs?”

“I don’t know dick about what you’re talking about. If you’re missing some of your drugs maybe you motherfuckers should turn on the news. That crazy mobster, Jimmy Gold, got caught with a shit ton of them. Maybe he’s your guy,” I snarled, cocking my head to the side. “Sucks for you though, that mofo is sitting cozy in the burn unit at Lutheran Medical. I heard his dick got singed off, maybe you can lend him yours…that’s if you can find it,” I said, winking at him.

I didn’t have a