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one point, but when she passed on, he went Nomad. That was before I was around, though. Exterminator and Nightmare don’t talk much about if they had an Ol’ Lady in the past or not.

I’m fairly young compared to them, so I’m all about playing the field when presented with getting my cock sucked. Pussy’s another thing entirely; it’s gotta be worth it for me to get in it.

Ex and Night are pretty tight with each other; they handle a lot of shit together. It’s not quite as excessive as Saint and Sinner; sometimes I wonder if they wipe each other’s asses with how close those two are. They seem to share everything—room, food, women; they don’t have any boundaries when it comes to the other.

Spider’s pretty quiet most of the time, and Ruger just likes to shoot the shit. All in all, we make up our small group and we’re each just fucked up enough to compliment the other.

Occasionally, we’ll get a full-time member who transfers over to us, but they never last. Men all bitch that they want freedom, but then many can’t handle the level of freedom that we have. We don’t follow your everyday lifestyle; we say fuck the bullshit and do what we want.

We have our unspoken set of rules amongst the group that we follow. The main ones being: We don’t rape women, we don’t kill anyone innocent, we always have each other’s backs, we never interrupt a fight unless someone feels we might die, and well, that’s pretty much it.

Nancy, the bartender, sets a tall draft in front of me as my ass hits the seat. Immediately taking a large swig, I down half of the refreshing beverage, parched from the Texas heat. Saving the rest for the next drink, my glass hits the top with a thud.

My brothers quickly follow and place their empty cups back on the counter. Feeling a little more relaxed as we all settle into our favorite shitty roadside bar. We always stop in when we’re visiting central Texas.

We just got back here; we were off on a run to California. The brothers and I were helping out the local Chapter here. They were having an issue with a notorious club known as the Iron Fists.

It all turned out to be a success, as we sat by and watched those fuckers burn to death. I enjoyed every minute of torching that ratty clubhouse with them locked inside. That’s what they get for fucking with the wrong crew. The Oath Keepers are well known for their loyalties when it comes to family, so this other club should have taken note. That’s their fuck up, though, and in the end, they paid the ultimate price with their lives.

No sweat off my back, though. I couldn’t give a fuck when it comes to killing scum. People around me thought I was a heartless bastard, and they’re probably right about that. I don’t have the guilty conscience eating me up inside like others get; I’ve seen too much and done too many things.

Taking a life is simple—almost poetic watching the life drain from their eyes. Why should I feel bad for removing them from a fucked up world anyhow? No one ever saved me, so in a way, I’m doing them a favor.

“Ye good, laddie?” Scot gestures to my neck, and I nod with an irritated grunt.

Ares, the VP of the local Chapter, and I got into it the other day. The fight wasn’t anything serious, but he put his hands around my throat and left a mark. He was making Ex look bad in Church, and I wasn’t having it; no one needs to make my brothers or myself look incapable. If anything, we’re more than capable when it comes to handling things, and we should get more credit when it’s due.

“Yep, I’m straight. Don’t get it why they didn’t just let us settle it, though. Now shit’s unfinished, and I wanna have a turn to prove my point.”

“I’m guessin’ they put a stop to it, as it was their Church time. As for Ares, ye should just stick to yer own. No good will come from messing with the VP.”

“Oh, I can handle my own, trust.”

“Aye, I’m sure, but we’re the friendly type with ‘em. Let it be.”

Nodding, I drop it and take a drink of the crisp, cool liquid. I’ll be respectful to Scot, but damn sure believe I’ll have my turn with Ares again. He’s lucky I didn’t