Overwhelmed by You (Tear Asunder) - Nashoda Rose


I swung the statue down onto his skull again and again.

The sound of crushing bone crackled throughout the room.

Blood splattered my green T-shirt like a mist of rain.

I didn’t care. Not one bit.

He destroyed her.

He deserved this.

Images of the bruises on her arms, the puncture marks, blurred my vision.

She watched me kill him.

Sitting on the floor, dazed with a glassy look in her eyes.

This was my fault.

I let this happen to her. I didn’t protect her.

I threw the statue aside. It made a loud thud as it hit the wood floor, and she jerked. I glanced at the needles on the bedside table. The yellow elastic band.

I was glad he was dead.

I strode over to her, picked her frail, weightless body up, and ran.

Her beauty was wilting. My angel. I had done that.


“Babe … You’re going to fuckin’ kill me.” Body tightening, I groaned as my dick jerked in her mouth. “Ahh, Christ.” She withdrew then circled the tip with her tongue as her hand cupped my balls, only to slide a finger down further to caress between my butt cheeks. Holy fuck, I’d never been blowed like this before—ever. Shit, who was I kidding? I never let a woman have this kind of control over me. If I had … I didn’t like to remember it.

The heat of her mouth surrounded me again, and she slowly took all of me until her lips touched my balls. I nearly came right then as I swore beneath my breath, my fingers fisting in her hair.


Her silky moisture felt like I was wrapped in velvet. She slowly slid back and my hands curled into the sheet as the pressure increased until I slipped from her mouth. She took a breath then swallowed me again. I was so turned on, I couldn’t even think straight. Watching her take me like that … God, how the fuck did I ever get off before her?

Her head bobbed up and down faster, then harder, and all I could hear was her sweet mouth sucking my cock like it was her Popsicle.

I closed my eyes. Jesus, I never wanted it to end.

Harder. Suck me, harder.

My eyes flew open and I stiffened. No. Don’t ruin this. Fuck.

But it always did.

Be good and it won’t hurt.

I was breathing too hard. I was too tense. It would hurt more if I was tense.


Ask me for more.

No. No, more.


Ask me nicely.

Mo … re. Plea … se.

Fuck no. Jesus, why?

Because I hated this and I needed to end it and get the fuck out—fast. Letting her go down on me was a mistake. I never let a chick put her mouth me. Shit, what had I been thinking? I thought it might be different after spending two weeks with her. I liked her, damn it. But I couldn’t do this.

I grabbed her by the shoulders. “Get off me.”

Her magnetic blue eyes widened, and I felt her hand jerk on my cock. “What?”

“I said get the fuck off me.” My hands tightened on her shoulders and I felt the familiar sickness rolling in my stomach. I had to get the hell out of here. I should’ve never done this with her. I didn’t do sweet and slow; I did fast and hard and I was out of there before the bullshit barreled into me.

I went to roll out from under her, but she found my hand that had a death grip on the sheet. Her fingers slowly pried open my fist, and then she entwined them with mine and squeezed.

I looked down at her and for a moment I thought maybe I could … “No.” I said the word, but didn’t move.

She lowered her head, but kept her eyes on me while her tongue teased the head of my cock. She kissed it, gentle and tender, something I’d never had before. And I wanted it, but chicks sucking my cock was off limits. It was them having power that let the demons in.

I groaned as her tongue flicked over the sensitive tip. My fingers dug into her flesh and I fought the need to throw her away from me and, at the same time, push her head down on my cock, forcing her to take me deeper.

“I want to taste you. Come for me,” she said.

I couldn’t. Not like this. She had too much of me already. Fuck this. Screw all of it. I pushed her off me and her hand slipped from my cock as she fell to the side.


I ignored her as