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Some people believe there is only one love in life. Others believe you can find multiple people to fall for and be truly happy. Some believe in love at first sight, and others think that’s a load of crap. I’m somewhere in between. I believe we all have three loves.

There’s your first love, which could be a high school sweetheart or a causal relationship that turns into something more. This type of love never usually lasts longer than a year. It’s what I like to call puppy love. It’s what opens our eyes to the possibilities of the future relationships we may have. It’s what gives us something to reach for.

The second love is the person who has the ability to take a good portion of your heart and often, they do, but you quickly realize that the love you feel for them is affection mixed with protection and passion, but it isn’t the love you’ve dreamed about—it isn’t the one. These people have the ability to cause heartbreak; they are special. They’ll remain with you even after they’re gone. Sometimes this love is the only love a person will find—and they’ll be completely okay with it.

The third love is the one we all dream about. It’s the one you witness in movies. It’s the picture of a married couple, two people who have been together for sixty years. It’s the moment you find your soul mate, the person you click with and you know, you just know, that person is for you. It doesn’t matter how many relationships and loves have come before them—they have the ability to erase it all with one simple smile. Some of us are lucky enough to find this love right off the bat.

I’m one of those people.

I found my soul mate the day I was born, when he came in and held my tiny hand. I found him when he had my back through school. I found him when he took me to prom and fought off the other guys. I found him when he held me as I cried. I found him when he took my virginity. I found him after every fight. I found him in every corner of every place in my life, invading me, becoming part of me.

I found Danny and I wanted to keep him.

I really did.

But life got in the way, and that’s the thing about life.

It’s a god damned bitch.



My feet pad softly down the hall towards the sound of the devastated sobbing. I reach out, curling my fingers around the wall and peering around. Ava