Making the Cut - SD Hildreth


I turned to the side and peered over my shoulder. No two mirrors ever give the same reflection. Some provide an accurate likeness; like the really expensive ones in the mall or the one in my doctor’s office. Others, including the ones in college bathrooms, don’t. I ran my hand along my stomach until it came in contact with the bottom of my bra.

I have no tits.

I twisted my hips as I bent at my waist a little, pointing my butt slightly toward the mirror. My ass looked flat and similar to the hipster boys who wore the neon colored pants in my Psych class. I looked like a sixteen year old boy; a sixteen year old boy who was almost six feet tall. The only problem was the fact I was a twenty-two year old woman.

Yeah, she’s got no tits and no ass, but she’s got a really cool personality, I think you should meet her…

“These mirrors suck. Hurry up,” I sighed.

“I know, they make me look fat,” Sloan’s voice echoed through the empty bathroom.

I glanced at my reflection, wondering if they truly were the mirrors which added five pounds. If so, what did I really look like? I stood and stared blankly into the mirror wishing I could see myself through the eyes of an honest person. Well, an honest person with perfect eyesight. Frustrated, I pulled a section of paper from the towel dispenser and wadded it into a ball. I glanced at the trash can on the opposite end of the row of sinks. It was easily fifteen feet away. I bit my lower lip slightly and tossed the ball of paper toward the opening. It landed against the leading edge of the can and fell inside.


I pulled another foot long piece of paper from the dispenser and wadded it up in my hands. As I lifted my right hand to my shoulder, the door opened. A girl wearing sweats, sneakers, and a loose fitting Henley smiled as she made eye contact with me. As she tossed her book bag beside the sink, I forced a smile and clenched the paper in my hand as if embarrassed.

“Hey,” she breathed as she turned toward the stall.

Holy shit, I wish I had your boobs.

I tilted my head her direction, “Hey.”

As she stepped into the stall, I studied her body. Her butt was small but perfectly rounded. She looked like a hippie version of a Victoria’s Secret model. She was further proof God had a sense of humor, and I was the joke of this century.


She’s got a really pretty face, butterbody looks like a fucking boy.

“I’m never eating at that gross Thai place again,” Sloan huffed as she emerged from the stall.

My fist still clenched, I stood and stared blankly at the floor as she washed her hands. As I considered the cost of butt implants and what I may receive for my first real tax return, I grabbed my book bag and followed her to the door. While she opened the door and held it for me to pass through, I turned around, pressed my non-existent butt against the door, and raised my right hand into the air.

“Come on, we’re going to be late,” she complained.

The trash can was at least twenty-five feet away.

“For the championship,” I said under my breath.

“No freaking way,” she muttered.

I tossed the ball of paper into the air and immediately swung my hips to the right, opening the door for Sloan to witness the feat of accomplishment. A masterpiece of a toss, I watched as the brown blur reached its apex and began to fall toward the receptacle. Magically, the paper disappeared into the center of the can. Satisfied, I released the door and followed Sloan into the hall.

“I can’t freaking wait for the Fifty Shades movie to come out,” she said as she hurried down the hallway.

As I adjusted the book bag on my shoulders and attempted to catch up to her, I rolled my eyes. I didn’t care about some ridiculous movie about billionaires and airplanes. Red rooms of pain and laters baby weren’t for me. I dreamed of a real bad-boy. One I couldn’t introduce to my parents. I wanted the type of man they couldn’t make a movie about. Not unless it was rated X.

Finding one who liked smart-assed skinny girls would be the trick.


Otis looked over his shoulder as he reached into the refrigerator, “A hundred is a hell of a lot to get gathered up in the