Having Hope (Blow Hole Boys, #4) - Tabatha Vargo


No one’s promised tomorrow. And Chet Rhodes, the drummer of Blow Hole, is all about living for today. Sex, drugs, and rock ‘n’ roll ... anything to help him forget his deadly secret and keep him detached. But when he meets Hope, a bitchy brunette with sarcastic wit and a deadly right hook, his carefully constructed defenses break down. For the first time ever, he wants more than a one-night stand.

Hope Iverson holds a secret that could potentially destroy everything she's built. Hardened with a short fuse, her past has left her emotionally unavailable. That is until the charismatic drummer for Blow Hole bursts into her life. His smart mouth has the ability to make her smile, and his inked body makes her feel things she’d rather not. But scars leave you changed, and Hope isn’t sure there’s enough of herself left to give.

Love and Death are two uninvited guests. Nobody knows when they'll come, but both do the same work … one takes the heart and the other takes its beat.


A drunken haze settled over me, weighing me down and slowing my movements. I’d definitely had too much to drink, which wasn’t uncommon for me … especially at one of Finn’s weekend parties. I could drink like a fish, smoke all the herb my lungs could handle, and Finn would always let me crash in his guest room.

My belt and jeans clattered to the floor. With so much alcohol swimming in my system, I’d struggled for five minutes to get them off. I ripped my shirt over my head, and my naked body collided with her naked body.

The girl beneath me had been bare for a while, while I’d kissed and licked every square inch of her. My body melted with hers when my arms finally gave in, and I collapsed on top of her completely, my full weight pressing her small frame into the mattress. Her skin was warm and soft, her fingertips soothing as they caressed my naked back.

“Please, Chet,” she begged, her dark eyes looking straight into me.

I loved it when they begged, but her begging was different—more desperate—more frantic. She was both of those things because, unlike the rest of the girls, I’d taken my time to bring her close to orgasm and then let up for the last hour.

I didn’t usually prolong a girl’s release since giving pleasure was one of my favorite things to do. Hearing a woman moan and whine was probably the sexiest thing ever. But partying at Finn’s place meant I could get fucked up and have a place to crash. So that was what I did.

Thanks to my alcohol and drug-induced total loss of control, I was weak and sloppy, which meant I had no choice but to take my time. I was pretty sure I’d passed out twice while I made out with her, but my mind was so out of it I didn’t care. This girl was something special … something different, and I wanted to show her that.

It was more than that. It was the way she touched me. The way she’d treated me all night. She’d appeared out of nowhere because I’d never seen her at any of our parties. And she’d spent the night laughing and listening, not trying to stick her hands down my pants and grab my cock.

It was as if I was more than just a one-night stand for her, which would generally freak me out, but with her, it was different. She didn’t push to sleep with me in the beginning. Instead, she’d talked to me and really laughed at my jokes, different from the fake bullshit most girls pulled. And I could remember her looking at me like I was more than the drummer.

Most girls wanted to fuck me because I was the drummer of Blow Hole, and the hotter the band got around town, the faster the women were. It was getting out of control.


It was getting boring.

The chase was gone completely, but with her, I felt like I was chasing a bit. I felt like I was turning her on—like she wanted me for me—not because our band was on the verge of greatness. I liked the way she made me feel. I hadn’t realized how much I missed just being Chet.

My hard cock lined up with her center, and her wet heat teased the tip. I looked down at her face, but the room around me spun and I could barely see her dark hair and