Steal My Breath (Elixir #1) - Nina Levine Page 0,1

whips around so she can eye her boss. “Yes?” I secretly cheer her. As moody as Luke can be, she never lets him rattle her.

He stalks towards us, his brows furrowed. “Those guys down the back giving you any trouble?”

His green eyes meet mine and linger for a moment before shifting to Avery. While he’s discussing the guys with her, I run my gaze over his body. No one wears jeans quite the way Luke Hardy does. Perhaps that’s because no man has quite the ass he does. And the way his pecs and abs ripple under that grey T-shirt he’s wearing… I’ve had dreams about those muscles. Not to mention the dreams I’ve had where I thread my fingers through his dark hair and hold on while he f—

“Callie, are you plotting again?”

I snap my attention back to Avery, who is staring at me with a smug look. She knows I’m not plotting my next book; she knows full well that I’m thinking dirty thoughts about Luke.

Pasting a fake smile on my face, I nod. “Yes, plotting that book I’m writing about unrequited lust and a girl who desperately needs sex.” My eyes drift to Luke and I find him watching me in a way I’ve never seen him watch me. I can’t quite put my finger on it, but there’s something different in his eyes. If it were any other guy, I’d say it was lust, but it’s Luke, and he’s never shown any interest in me.

Tyler chuckles. “I’ve told you, Callie, you want a guy to end that drought you’ve got going on, just say the word. I know a fuckload of guys who would love to help you out with that.”

Luke directs a scowl at Tyler before turning back to Avery. “I’ve gotta head out for fifteen minutes or so, but I’m concerned those assholes down the back will give you hell.”

She waves his concern away. “I’ll be fine, and besides, I have Callie here. She got her black belt in karate when she was younger, so I’m sure she can take them on if need be.” The wink she throws me confirms the sarcasm I sense in her words, and I play along.

“Absolutely,” I agree, crouching slightly and raising my arms in an X in front of me. Luke is so damn serious all the time, and he simply stares at me rather than cracking a smile or a laugh.

“Don’t go anywhere near those guys. Either of you.” Looking at Tyler, he asks, “Can you stick around while I’m gone?”

I shift off the stool and mutter, “Oh, for God’s sake, Luke, chill. We’re grown women and can take care of ourselves.” Without waiting for his response, I grab the new drink Avery has made me and begin heading to one of the tables away from the bar. As much as I’m attracted to the man, his overbearing and overprotective streak drives me insane sometimes.

As I’m settling into my seat, warm breath and a deep voice by my ear cause my tummy to flutter again. “Why do you always have to argue with everything I say?”

Oh my.

I want him just as much as I want to tell him where to go.

“Because you’re not always right,” I reply, swivelling to meet his gaze. He has one hand on the back of my chair and the other rests on the table. His body is slightly bent as he watches me, taking in what I’ve said. I fight not to drop my eyes to check out his arms, but a girl only has so much willpower, and I’m all out for today. For the rest of this week. Oh, who the hell am I kidding? When Luke’s around, I’m out of willpower for the rest of this year.

I drop my gaze.

For the love of God, why is one man blessed with so much? Not only does he have those sexy green eyes that could lead me into sin, and that ass I could hold all day long, and abs to die for, he also has freaking arm muscles they could make porn movies about.

Please. Make. Him. Leave.

No, make him stay.

Make him stay for hours so I can stare.

And then stare some more.

Oh fuck, just let me lick those muscles.


I blink.

Meeting his eyes again, I say, “What?” I’m so turned on I can barely wrap my lips around one word; I’m not sure how I’ll string a sentence together.

His face is near mine as he leans his body closer. The