Perfectly Seduced - Lacey Silks Page 0,1

as my sister-in-law, with some adorable ginger-head babies to take care of.”

“Whoa, let’s avoid parking our asses in the De Lorean to travel to future nightmares. Me and kids” – she made a face of disgust – “No freaking way. Too much work.”

I’d met Millie when she was dating Dave in high school, she a junior and Dave a senior. They were the happiest couple I’d seen; until one day it all fell apart, and Millie’s lips had remained sealed since then. Well, at least they were sealed when she wasn’t out on a date with another guy. I chuckled on the inside and shook my head, trying to imagine how nice it must feel to be so frivolous, free-spirited and careless. How relaxing a woman must feel when she can just let it go! The same way I had been on our spontaneous vacation two weeks ago in Hawaii. I would give anything to forget my responsibilities as a mother just for a few minutes and enjoy life. But day-to-day, that woman was not me.

Despite our different personalities, my BFF relationship with Millie endured. She understood me better than anyone. Millie was always there for me, especially after I married Simon and became the wife that was expected of me. In fact, I’d always treated her like a sister. She was also my son’s godmother – which at this moment, given Dave was his godfather, made for an awkward birthday reunion. Still, I had faith those two would one day get back together.

“You love Parker,” I reminded her.

“Because he’s not mine.” She winked, but her ears burned bright red. That girl couldn’t lie to save her life. “Hey, speaking of big probes, are you going on another search for Eagle Man?”

I sighed. The man with the eagle tattoo on his back was beginning to feel like a distant memory, and I wished for Millie’s De Lorean so that I could travel two weeks back in time, when I met him in Hawaii. And yeah, Sean was definitely equipped with one of the bigger and most talented “probes” I’d ever seen and experienced. Though why the heck was I referring to his penis as a probe? It should have been called the magic stick of wonder. The memory of him inside me, filling me wall to wall, hitting my full depth, was beginning to make me itch for sex again. Being single sucked. But having been with Sean, I could never imagine being with anyone else again (especially my ex, the one we’d nicknamed Pinkie).

“No, I think I’ve officially used up all my resources. I don’t know what else to do.”

“Then maybe you gave up too early. For all you know, he’s looking for you too.”

When we’d left the nudist resort in Hawaii (Millie’s idea of a vacation) two weeks ago, unfortunately in a rush and in separate boats due to an erupting volcano, Sean, the man of my dreams, whom I’d only met that morning and who’d managed to revive the glorious beating of a fifteen-year-old girl’s heart in my chest, had promised me he’d find me. But he never did, and I lost the only man I’d been intimate with and satisfied by in two years. It was supposed to be the beginning of a wonderful adventure, but it ended too soon. I’d been so certain that we were meant to be. My instinct had never failed me before. I knew he was the man for me. Wasn’t he? Or had I just been swimming in a pool of lust when he was around?

It was stupid. I was stupid. How could a man I’d known for less than a day make that strong of an impression on me? Was my instinct off? Had I been single for too long to recognize that a perfect seduction was no more than that?

What if he said he’d find me simply to ease my anxiety? What if he’d just wanted to screw me and be free afterwards?

Well, the screw was definitely worth it, but it wasn’t enough. It was the best sex I’d had in my life. The ground literally shook underneath me as I came along with him. Yeah, yeah, I guess I could give credit for some of that ground shaking to the volcano erupting miles away, which had forced us apart. But when Sean held onto my hips from behind, plunging deep and hard, it was definitely an earthquake. Just thinking about it reminded me of that itch I