Hook (The Duplicity Duet #1) - Elisabeth Grace Page 0,1

breast before settling on my waist. “You know I always have a good time with you, Brandi.”

I curved my lips into a smile, one designed for seduction, and leaned in, pressing a chaste kiss to his lips.

His hand at my waist gripped me tighter. “Got some business to take care of out of state. I’ll make arrangements to see you when I’m back in town.”

“Be careful,” I said. He nodded and slipped back out of bed quietly to make his way out the door. Julian was in a dangerous line of work—to put it mildly. I didn’t know specifics, but I knew enough not to ask questions.

I lay back down and gazed once again out at the night sky.

I enjoyed my evenings with Julian, as much as I was able. At least I always knew what to expect with him. He was a pretty average middle-aged guy with light brown hair and a fit body, and the best part was that he wasn’t into kinky shit.

Once I was sure he wouldn’t be returning, I rolled over and turned on the lamp. The expensive hotel room came into view, and I instantly spotted what I was looking for. On the corner of the nightstand sat a stack of bills that had been neatly arranged. I reached for it to tally my nightly earnings. Counting off bills in my head as I placed them on the mattress in front of me, I realized that he’d left me a larger than usual tip.

I smiled to myself. My blowjob skills must have been on point tonight.

This is the part where you judge me. We both know that’s what you’re doing…but don’t bother. It won’t make any difference to me. I’m not in need of someone to save my fucking soul.

And no, I didn’t get into prostitution because I had daddy issues, nor do I have a drug habit I’m trying to support.

I had my reasons.

As does anyone who’s ever done something worthy of being judged.

A soft knock sounded at the door and the mechanism inside the lock clicked. The hulking frame of my bodyguard, Leroy, came into view as he stepped into the room.

“Hey, baby girl. Saw Julian book it out of here. How’d everything go?”

I held up the cash and shook it back and forth. “He was generous tonight.”

I’m one of the agency’s top earners, which means that Leroy accompanied me whenever I conducted business. All on the orders of my madam, Sylvia.

Since Julian was a long-time client, Leroy waited in the lobby rather than outside the door, giving him a little more leeway than he would a new-to-me john. I’m sure even Leroy tired of listening to my fake orgasms. God knows I got tired of performing them.

I stepped out of bed and approached the six-foot-five behemoth, unconcerned with my nudity. Long ago I’d resigned myself to the fact that my body was no longer private property. At this point, it was merely a vessel to do the job. It didn’t really matter. I’d never noticed Leroy trying to sneak a peek anyway.

I pushed a small stack of bills at him. “This is Sylvia’s take. Be sure she gets it?” He nodded, and I made my way around him to the bathroom to get dressed. After I’d put my dress back on and collected all my belongings, I returned to the room to find Leroy waiting for me by the door.

“How you know I’m not gonna rip you off? How come you always trust me to get this to her?” he asked as we exited the room.

I smiled and elbowed him in the ribs. “Because I know you for the softie you really are, and you’d never screw me over.” It may seem peculiar to call a giant man a softie, but it was true.

Leroy was one of the only people I trusted in this town, and one of the very few who knew why I chose this profession. I knew he’d pass the money along to Sylvia rather than pocket it for himself.

Vegas wasn’t called ‘Sin City’ for nothing, but despite what he did for a living, Leroy wasn’t one of the sinners. Everyone else here was out for themselves and would turn their backs on you in a heartbeat. That included Sylvia. While my madam and I had a cordial relationship, I was just a way for her to make bank and we both knew it.

Leroy tousled my hair as we walked along the multicolored carpeting toward the elevators. “You