Heavy Soul - Shey Stahl Page 0,1

of my head, flat on the mattress. I don’t move. I’m almost afraid to as she deepens the kiss, giving me her tongue. The kiss becomes filled with passion, more urgent, as if she wants more. Each movement our lips make seem to ask unspoken questions, what does this mean?

I’m not sure either of us have the answer.

I do know I want more, desperately. Excitement shoots through me and she feels it as her body presses to mine. I groan, the lightest rumbling of my chest, unable to contain myself and roll her over carefully so she feels my weight.

A small sigh passes her lips and I groan again. It’s a natural reaction between us and our bodies take over.

This is why I can’t leave her alone. She needs me as much as I need her.

One hand remains on her cheek while I move the other one lower, down her curves. Does she know how badly I want her?

No, she can’t possibly understand it.

Actually, yes, she can feel it between her legs.

My fingers graze up under her hoodie to the bare skin I haven’t felt in a while. There seems to be no hesitation on her part as she spreads her legs wider and lets me rock my hips into her. Of course I’m hard and she finally feels it, completely.

She lets out a breathy sigh bringing her mouth back to mine and I swear I hear my name on her lips. Sure, this is wrong and we both know it, but it doesn’t seem to stop her and I don’t care right now where this takes us, as long as it ends with me inside of her.

Closing my eyes, I let the feeling of her body curving around mine soak over me like rain hitting my window. Her kiss leaves me unstable, intoxicated, and I know she’s searching for an answer, one I can’t give. Whether I want to admit it or not, we’re two people afraid to let go of our past. If there is anything I’m holding onto, just within reach, it’s Quinn.

Just as I’m thinking of sliding off her pants, she places her palm on my chest, pushing back. “Stop,” she breathes.

Instantly, I pull back, panting and gasping for a breath, my stare on hers and the faintest smile on her lips fading in the night. It hits us then, what we’re doing. Sighing, I roll off her and onto my back flopping my arm over my face.

Damn it.

She doesn’t leave right away this time. Instead, she stares at the ceiling beside me, never making a sound. Sometimes I think she wants to stay. Like maybe being here with me might make the pain go away.

Only she never does.

“What was that?” I ask when she’s at the window, wishing I could read her mind.

Our eyes meet. My chest feels heavy, as if she stabbed me with the way she’s looking at me and slowly, just like her, I’m bleeding life. My heart may beat but it’s beating for her. These moments. “I don’t know,” she whispers, and then climbs out my window, distancing herself. She remains that heavy cloud over my life and I let her because I cling to the hope it will change.

Her scent lingers in my room, seeping into my bones after she leaves. I don’t want to think about Quinn but I do. For minutes, then hours. It’s all that’s on my mind lately.

I don’t know how long I lie awake thinking of that kiss and its meaning and then slowly drift back to sleep, only to wake up to my alarm blaring in my ear.

Swatting at it, I knock it off the nightstand onto the floor and bury my face in my pillow, cursing the fact that I’m even awake.

I’m not a morning person. Or a night person. There’s maybe two hours out of the day I enjoy. And those usually have to do with me standing on a baseball diamond.

Drawing in a breath, I shiver from the cold air blowing through the window Quinn left open.

I also realize I’m late for school, which is a daily occurrence for me. I can never get my shit together to make it on time to anything but baseball.

Rolling out of bed, my feet hit the carpet and I sit there for a moment rubbing my eyes.

Cursing being awake and not having enough sleep, I walk over to the window and close it before looking around my room for something to wear. Luckily for