Having Hope (Blow Hole Boys, #4) - Tabatha Vargo Page 0,1

eyes through the blur.

She lifted her hips, and my body sank into hers. It was slow, and it felt beyond amazing, but it was harder to enter her than it should have been considering how wet she was. There was a barrier, and I didn’t miss her gasp when I finally pushed fully into her.

Something wasn’t right. She was too nervous, her inexperience suddenly a glowing beacon in the dim room. Earlier in the night, her innocent noises and unsure touches had been endearing, but now, things were starting to make me wonder.

Her behavior wasn’t the only thing that worried me. Her body gave her away. Regardless of how she’d been dressed at the party—her cleavage showing, her skirt short—her body told her secret. She was tight when I pushed into her. So tight and gripping at my cock that I thought I’d blow my load just by entering her.

“Are you a virgin?” I slurred.

I was drunk. The fact that I was even noticing these things was crazy considering I could barely see straight. That fact that I cared was even rarer.

“No. Don’t stop,” she whispered into the darkness.

I didn’t want to stop. She felt better than any other girl had ever felt. Maybe it was because she was so tight and wet. Maybe it was because we’d been touching and rubbing for the last hour. I wasn’t usually much for foreplay, but I was so drunk and weak that lying against her and rubbing was easier than getting undressed.

“Are you sure?”

I didn’t believe her. I hadn’t been with any virgins. At least not that I knew of. And while people say that you couldn’t feel the difference, I could. I could feel it in the grip of her body—the tenseness of her shoulders—the flashes of wide, nervous eyes that stared back at me.

She could say what she wanted, but she was definitely a virgin.

Still, if she wanted to pretend, then I could pretend, too.

“You feel so fucking good,” I mumbled as I entered her again. “So tight.”

I didn’t fuck slow, but knowing deep down that I was the first to break her barrier, I didn’t want to hurt her.

That was definitely the vodka talking. Chet Rhodes didn’t care about stupid shit like that, but with her, and after our drunken night together, I cared. I didn’t want to hurt her. I wanted to make her feel as good as she was making me feel.

After an hour of making her body beg for release, it was the least I could do. Of course, I always made sure the ladies got off. It was the biggest reason they came back for the seconds I wasn’t willing to give.

One time.

No more.

Otherwise, feelings reared their ugly heads, and I had nothing to offer anyone in that department.

She closed her eyes and swallowed hard, and then she dragged her nails down my back and pulled my hips to her. I sank into her tight passage again, and a moan rumbled up my throat.

“Fuck.” My body went weak and fell fully on top of her, my face buried into her neck.

She smelled sweet—like honey and vanilla—prompting me to lick her soft skin and taste her.

“Oh God,” she breathed.

I moved into her, feeling an orgasm tease my balls. And when I was able to lift my head again, all I could see was the little blackbird inked into her ivory skin. I spent most of the night with my gaze glued to it. I couldn’t look her in the eye because I knew I was drunk, so instead, I looked at the tat.

The blackbird moved with me, jumping with each thrust, taking flight with each of her deep breaths.

“Please don’t stop, Chet,” she begged.

I wasn’t sure I could give her what she wanted. Already my shaft was hardening and preparing to unload. I wanted to come so badly, but at the same time, I wanted her to come, too.

I picked up my pace, my body still weak with vodka and everything else I’d downed during the night. My hips knew by memory what to do, so I continued to fuck her. The sensations were amazing.

“Come for me, baby.”

What was her name?


How could I not remember her name?




She’d be Blackbird from that moment on out.

My eyes stayed on the blackbird, and I picked up momentum the faster its wings seemed to flap. Her nails dug into my skin, and moans slipped from her lips with every breath. And then her body tightened around me, tugging sweetly at