Biker (Bad Boys in Big Trouble #1) - Fiona Roarke Page 0,1

cook and didn’t have a parade of men in and out of her home—what Mrs. Waverly disdainfully referred to as dating around—she had also passed muster with her matchmaker landlady. In fact, it seemed she was a special case. The double-edged sword of being a virgin with a reputation for not putting out was guaranteed to keep most men at arm’s length, or rather, far, far away. At least it had been in her disappointed experience.

She hadn’t started out that way. She’d gone out with a few men over the years. Men she’d thought were interested in more than just trying to get her between the sheets to add a notch to their bedposts. But then the inevitable day came when these men expected her to spread her legs and let them do whatever they wanted so they could move on to the next girl. Kaitlin, at the time, felt like she deserved more. She certainly wanted what she considered the gift of her virginity to go to someone who’d appreciate it.

Then she wised up to reality. That dream died a painful death. But if she was going to give it up to someone, Kaitlin wanted it to be a prime male specimen and not just a love ’em and leave ’em bedpost-notch seeker.

She’d had bad luck in the “finding a decent male” department. Instead of decent, the only men she’d discovered were pricks. Did she have a prick magnet embedded somewhere perhaps?

All she’d wanted was someone who was interested and wanted to be with only her, to talk to her, laugh with her, look forward to seeing her. Not to chase her relentlessly until she gave in, regardless of any other trait she carried. Unfortunately, the latter had been her typical dating experience.

No more. She had a new plan. If only Zak would cooperate.

Still seated on his motorcycle, Zak revved the engine. Her heartbeat sped up. Zak always did that right before he turned the engine off, stood, twisted at the waist and dismounted. Woo boy. That was the premium move she waited to see each and every day.

What a gorgeous tenant the new bad-boy renter had turned out to be. He was as attractive as he was completely wrong for her, making him all the more desirable. That, coupled with the motorcycle he rode every day, made him a dangerous temptation. A tall, muscular, employed and attractive inducement.

Her eyes slid shut in contemplation of being embraced in his strong arms, and what it would feel like when they kissed for the first time. What it would feel like if they came together erotically as men and women did. She wanted to know what it felt like to come together erotically with a man at long last.

She fantasized that one day he’d take her for a ride, and not only on his motorcycle. A rush of heat filled her from face to toes, along with the sudden vision of a naked, sweaty Zak moving above her, his copious muscles bunching and relaxing as they made love. What would his slick, hard body feel like pressed deliciously against hers? Or pressed inside her? Having never been naked against any man, she could only imagine.

In her fantasy, he would be perfect. Secretly a gentleman willing to wait until they tied the knot for sex, if she wanted it that way. Whether or not they made their relationship sexual, he’d love her unconditionally. He’d think she was smart, capable and worthy. He’d never call her names. He’d never make her feel bad about herself. He’d always champion her.

No doubt Kaitlin would be disappointed if she ever got up the nerve to speak to him, but the fantasy lived on. Well, at least it had until she’d gotten that call from her stepsister this morning. Then the timetable had shifted dramatically.

Kaitlin had waited for him each and every day since he’d moved in a few weeks ago, longing for the courage to speak to him in person, initiate a conversation, and to ask him if he might be interested in helping her with her plan. The “I don’t want to be a virgin any longer” plan. The private plot that needed to be taken care of sooner rather than later.

Beyond the fact that she thought Zak very attractive, she suspected he wasn’t the type of man who’d want to settle down and get married—the biggest stereotype of all for a bad boy, and that was exactly what she needed.

Kaitlin had been on the